’Freak accident’: Texas husband, father dies after he fell hanging Christmas lights


DALLAS – A Dallas-area husband and father is dead after he fell from his roof while hanging Christmas lights.

On Saturday, Alisha Flicke, the wife of Felipe Gallegos, said she and her 17-year-old son heard a loud noise and found Gallegos laying on the concrete, begging for help.

“We heard a loud noise and I got out and went over to the side of the house, and he was laying on the concrete, saying ‘help me, help me,’" Flick said. "My son kept saying, dad if it hurts just squeeze my hand. And he squeezed my son’s hand, and then all of a sudden he quit breathing.”

Gallegos was rushed to the hospital with a skull fracture and brain bleed, but he died during emergency surgery.

Flick called the fall a “freak accident.” Gallegos ran his own business, washing windows during the year and hanging Christmas lights in the winter.

The community has raised more than $50,000 for the family.

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