Stolen $8K BBQ pit returned to Killen's Steakhouse

Police: Tipster may be suspect

PEARLAND, Texas - The owner of Killen's Steakhouse is relieved after his very expensive BBQ pit was stolen last week.

Ronnie Killen said someone stole his $8,000 pit from behind his South Main Street restaurant either Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Killen said he was offering a $5,000 reward, and soon enough, a tipster called in with the location of where the pit was.

Killen said when he saw the equipment, it had been painted over and some of the parts were missing.

"We found it a little spray painted up, but it's all good. We will be cooking on it next week I'm sure," said Killen.

He said the person that called in the tip may not get the reward money. Police are investigating the tipster as the possible thief.

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