Squirrel Watch 2012 photos

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We're halfway through Squirrel Watch 2012! Here are the pictures I showed on May 31.

Above photo by Lorna Macal, Houston.  This is her 3-year-old daughter.  She calls this picture, "Give, grab and go!"

Above photo by Willie Vance.  Michaela Clark feeding the squirrel.

Above photo by Nancy Mowry, Huntsville at Elkins Lake.

Above photo by Debra Thornhill, Tomball.  "My Son tamed this squirrel by lying on the ground and putting a pecan on his stomach and the squirrel would come and take it. Then my Husband started laying pecans on the feeder and stood there and the squirrel would get on the feeder while he was there. We then got the idea to put little hats on her. We have several pictures of her with different hats on. We named her Baby."

Above photo by Tonie Meier, Galveston.  Schools out!  Time to hit the beach.

Check out the Squirrel Watch 2012 slideshow.

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