Quite distinguished: KPRC anchors, reporters try out FaceApp aging function

By Amanda Cochran - Social Media Producer

Amy Davis, Justin Stapleton and Vincent Crivelli try out the FaceApp older function.

HOUSTON - The familiar faces of KPRC look quite different using FaceApp, the app that can make you look older, among other functions.

Here are some of the photos altered to make our anchors and reporters look much older than they do now. 

Amy Davis: 



Justin Stapleton: 

Justin Stapleton/FaceApp

Jacob Rascon (and Art Rascon): 



Jacob Rascon/FaceApp

Khambrel Marshall (and Jacob Rascon): 

Khambrel Marshall/FaceApp

Owen Conflenti: 



Vincent Crivelli:

Vincent Crivelli/FaceApp

Rose-Ann Aragon: 



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