Jill Biden thanks military spouses in Colorado for service

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First lady Jill Biden visits a classroom at Glendale Middle School on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, in Salt Lake City. (Carlos Barria/Pool via AP)

DENVER – First lady Jill Biden extended her gratitude to military spouses for their service on Thursday at an Army base in Colorado.

Biden spoke at Fort Carson military base near Colorado Springs at an event hosted by the United Service Organization Spouse Connection ahead of Military Spouse Appreciation Day on Friday. The group is a nonprofit established by former President Theodore Roosevelt before WWII that provides domestic and overseas help to service members and their families.

"Thank you for your service. Thank you for all that you've done for our nation. And for me as well, as a military mom and a military daughter," Biden said.

In her speech, Biden empathized with the loneliness and anxiety that comes with being married to a service member overseas and commended the spouses' perseverance and ability to “push through the hard times.”

“We need to do more. Your service to this country has earned nothing less,” Biden said. “Giving you the support you need to thrive, matters to me and to the president.”

Krista Cole, 37, who's husband serves as a major in the National Guard said she and the other military spouses were grateful to be recognized and feel supported by the first lady.

“It definitely raises morale when the people that you look up to, that you may or may not have voted for take notice and come to events like this. Politics aside, they want to help everyone,” Cole said. “The spouses really appreciate that and appreciate that people are looking out for them.”

Biden also touted a revived White House initiative, Joining Forces, which prioritizes employment opportunities for military spouses, education for children of enlisted parents and veterans, and military families’ health and well-being.