More Texas Congressional leaders call for President Trump’s ouster

HOUSTON – Late Thursday a growing number of Texas Congressional leaders called for President Donald trump’s ouster. The calls came despite President Trump denouncing the violence at the Capitol and promising a smooth transition of power in a pre-recorded message released Thursday evening.

Democratic Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia announced she is co-sponsoring a resolution to impeach President Trump if Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet doesn’t invoke the 25th Amendment for his removal.

Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee also filed her own articles of impeachment. While Democratic Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher voiced her support of these measures.

However, newly elected Republican Congressman Troy Nehls, disagreed with his colleagues, saying President Trump will leave office on January 20th.

“We need to be focusing on a smooth transition of power from President Trump to President-Elect Joe Biden,” said Nehls, the former Fort Bend County Sheriff.

Still, Nehl’s actions on the house floor during the breach earned praise from colleagues like Lee.

“We’re delighted that one of our very own, former Sheriff Troy Nehls was instrumental in helping many members,” said Lee.

Nehls was seen standing with officers as several people tried to break into the House chamber.

“That door just started shaking. These protesters started banging and hitting that door. I mean kicking it,” said Nehls.

As glass windows were broken, Nehls locked eyes with some of the men and said he tried to convince them to leave the building.

“What you’re doing is un-American, it’s criminal. And this is not the way we as Americans, as patriots, should be solving our problems,” he said.

Nehls called for the prosecution of all those involved, but would not specifically answer whether he felt President Trump’s remarks during a rally on Wednesday instigated the violence.

“I don’t care who said what, there is no justification to resort to violence,” said Nehls.

Nehls also defended his decision to object to the votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania, saying he believes a re-examination of election laws are in order.

“We have to take a good look and a deep dive into the election laws and make sure that the American people have confidence,” said Nehls.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz also defended his reasons for being at the forefront of these objections.

“The job I was elected to do is to fight for the people of Texas and what I was doing was debating on the floor of the senate election integrity. How we can protect the integrity of our elections? That has nothing to do with this criminal terrorist assault, which was wrong and needs to be prosecuted,” said Cruz.

Cruz also rebuked the President’s comments made prior to the Capitol breach.

“His rhetoric, his language has been over the line. I think it was irresponsible, I think it was reckless,” he said.

Nehls said the division has to stop. He said the election is over and Congress has to start working together.

“Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated on January 20th and we have to move on,” said Nehls.

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