Yuki, the ‘giant’ Florida wolfdog who went viral in 2018, dies at age 13

Yuki, left, passed away on Nov. 12 of blood cancer. (Courtesy of Shy Wolf Sanctuary)

NAPLES, Florida – A 13-year-old wolfdog named Yuki, who became an internet sensation for his resemblance to a canine creature from the popular HBO TV series “Game of Thrones” has died, WOFL reported.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary, who took care of Yuki since 2008, was 8 months old when he was brought to a kill shelter because his owner fell ill and the pup was too much to handle for his size. He was given a second chance of life at the sanctuary and the photos shared on social media have gone viral, according to WOFL.

According to the sanctuary’s Instagram account, Yuki, who passed away in his sleep inside his enclosure, reportedly had hemangiosarcoma, which is a type of blood cancer.

“Yuki taught us all about patience, love, and understanding as all animals have unique personalities and set their own boundaries.” the sanctuary wrote. “We are absolutely heartbroken and we will all miss him dearly.”

Yuki, a Gray Wolf mix, became an internet sensation in 2018 when photos of him next to his caretaker went viral due to his size. At the time, the internet thought the pup was photoshopped, WOFL reported.

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