Decision 2020: Where US Senate candidates MJ Hegar and Royce West stand on major issues

Royce West and Mary "MJ" Hegar, candidates for U.S. Senator (Democrat) in July runoff election. (KSAT)

HOUSTON – Texas will hold its 2020 primary runoff election on July 14.

Air Force veteran MJ Hegar and Texas State Sen. Royce West, both Democrats, are squaring off for their party’s ticket in November against incumbent U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

Here’s what to know about the candidates and their stance on the big issues:


MJ Hegar

  • Wants to create a public option to make Medicare available for all those who want it
  • Believes every child should have healthcare coverage
  • Wants to protect the progress made by the Affordable Care Act while making improvements
  • Will stand up for Texans against special interests who put profits over people
  • Believes Big Pharma interests must be held accountable for their part in the opioid epidemic

Royce West

  • Believes healthcare is a basic human right, not a privilege reserved for only those who can afford it
  • Believes the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a monumental step for the American healthcare system, but it didn’t go far enough
  • Wants to ensure that everyone who wants to enroll in the ACA can do so, without forcing others to forfeit their employer-sponsored insurance
  • Wants to continue educating people on the importance of mental health and include those services with basic healthcare packages
  • Says he will fight to ensure every Texan receives the affordable care we all deserve

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