Ticketmaster’s ‘Kafkaesque’ arbitration process is rigged, lawyers say

Scrutiny of Live Nation and Ticketmaster has intensified in recent months as some consumer advocates and members of Congress renew calls for further investigation of their practices.

It’s baked into each and every Ticketmaster purchase: Customers scrambling to buy tickets to the most sought-after concerts, sports games or other live events must first check a box agreeing to the company’s “Terms of Use.”

If a buyer took the time to click through the hyperlink that accompanies the box, they’d see what has become Ticketmaster’s tried-and-true defense to lawsuits: boilerplate legalese requiring customers with ticketing beefs to forgo their rights to sue and instead seek to resolve their claims through private arbitration.

Ticketmaster’s arbitration clause — deemed enforceable under a federal appeals court ruling in February — repeatedly has been used to fend off scores of potential class-action lawsuits against the ticket giant and its corporate parent, the events promoter Live Nation.

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