Attractive people have better immune systems, study suggests

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People perceived as more attractive by others tend to have a stronger immune system, Science X reports according to a study conducted at Texas Christian University.

In a study published Wednesday in the academic journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Texas Christian University researchers concluded there are associations between facial attractiveness and immune function, Fox News reports.

According to the report, the study screened 159 participants who were students at Texas Christian University or members of the surrounding community.

Participants were screened to ensure that they were without a history of mental illness or chronic depression, non-obese, free from acute illnesses, not using hormonal contraceptives, willing to abstain from steroidal and anti-inflammatory medications, exercise and alcohol consumption for two days prior to participation and willing to fast the morning of participation, Fox News reports.

Additionally, female participants were required to remove any make-up and maintain a neutral facial expression before taking a picture from the neck up.

In the next part of the study, height and weight were measured and blood and plasma were collected.

A second phase of the study, recruited 482 participants to rate the subjects’ facial attractiveness.

Researchers collated the ratings and cross-examined them with the results of the blood tests.

According to Fox News, the study revealed that people perceived as more attractive have stronger immune systems.

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