Woman rescues an unidentifiable animal outside of her home

Generic paw print tracks on the beach (Pixabay)

A Pennsylvania woman discovered and rescued a scared animal that experts are struggling to identify.

According to TODAY, Christina Eyth followed paw print tracks outside her home that she assumed belonged to her neighbor’s dog after they had gotten loose; however, she found an unidentified animal that she says was exhibiting “scared behavior.”

“I peeked outside the door and that’s whenever I noticed the animal on my left hand side and it was so scared and so cold and shivering,” Eyth told NBC News. “... All I could think about is ‘This animal needs help.’”

Eyth rescued the animal, which she thought might be a coyote or a dog, luring it to her basement to keep warm before transferring it to a local rescue facility for care, TODAY reports.

A certified wildlife rehabilitator at the facility had trouble identifying what the animal could be but believes it may be a dog based on its timid behavior.

According to TODAY, the animal is currently being treated for mange and is in isolation since it may be a coyote.

The local rescue facility is conducting genetic testing done to identify the animal.

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