9/11 hero’s wife meets woman her husband rescued before he died at the World Trade Center

Firefighters and rescue workers sift through the rubble of the World Trade Center searching for survivors after a terrorist attack collapsed both towers. (Greg Mathieson/Mai, Michael Rieger/Greg Mathieson/Mai/Getty Images)

After 20 years, the widow of a 9/11 hero who worked for Port Authority Police at the World Trade Center has met the woman who was rescued by her husband during the Sept. 11 attacks.

According to NBC New York, the identity of the woman photographed being helped by Jaime Amoroso’s husband on the tragic day remained a mystery until now.

According to NBC New York, Jaime even wondered if the woman was still alive.

“As time went on, I started to think maybe he didn’t save her, or get her far enough, because we had never found her or had anybody ever spoken to her,” Jaime said.

NBC New York reports that a social media post in tribute to 9/11 victims before the attacks’ 20th anniversary connected Jaime to the woman Officer Amoroso saved, who someone identified as their mother.

“That woman Officer Amoroso is seen helping in this photo is my mother, Suman Dhamija. My mother has severe asthma so after running down the stairs of the second tower and with all the debris and smoke in the air, she could not breathe,” the commenter said. “Officer Amoroso helped lift her up and walk away from the towers. This photo was taken before the second tower collapsed.”

According to NBC New York, Dhamija was working in the tower at the time; however, she now lives in India.

To this day, Dhamija still remembers what Officer Amoroso said to her 20 years ago, NBC New York reports.

“He said, ‘Ma’am, relax. We are here to help,’” Dhamija said. “I wish the best for his family, for his loved ones. If he wasn’t there, there is no way I could have made it.”

Now connected with Officer Amoroso’s family, in a message to Jaime, Dhamija said, “Tell her that she had such a wonderful husband and that I’m alive because of him.”

According to NBC New York, Jaime became emotional as she finally learned the identity of that woman whose life her husband saved. Amoroso went back into #2 World Trade Center and was killed in the collapse.

“I can’t believe she’s alive. I can’t believe she has the same face,” Jaime said. “She’s the last person with him. He went in with a purpose, to want to save as many people as possible. The fact that I get to hear somebody say it.”

According to NBC New York, after nearly two decades, Jaime and Dhamija meet over a video call.

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