Louisiana teacher lets high school graduate borrow his shoes to walk across graduation stage to receive his diploma

A teacher came to the rescue of a high school graduate who nearly couldn’t receive his diploma after being told he violated the dress code.

A school representative blocked Daverius Peters, a senior at Hahnville High School in Boutte, Louisiana, from entering the graduation ceremony because of his footwear, USA Today reported.

Peters arrived at the convention center wearing Alexander McQueen black leather sneakers with white rubber soles, which retail for approximately $580.

According to USA Today, the high school’s graduation dress code policy says male students must wear dark dress shoes and tennis shoes are not allowed.

John Butler, a teacher at the school whose daughter was graduating that day, caught sight of Peters and offered him the shoes off his own feet.

Thanks to Butler, Peters was able to walk across the stage to collect his diploma during the graduation.

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