Chlorine shortage: Prices soar after fire at facility that makes popular pool tablets

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Pool owners and those in its related industry are starting to feel the aftereffects of a large fire that occurred last summer at a BioLab facility, which produces chlorine products.

In September 2020, Pool Magazine reported a looming shortage of chlorine tablets as the fire at BioLab halted production.

Now, with increased pool usage underway as the summer approaches, the national shortage is becoming more evident.

According to USA Today, 15 out of 26 pool supply shops surveyed by Goldman Sachs expressed “uncertainty or doubt when asked about whether they will have enough chlorine for pool season.”

Additionally, the scarcity of chlorine has led prices to soar.

CNN reports that costs of the chemical have nearly doubled as a 50-pound bucket of 3-inch chlorine tablets from the In the Swim brand now costs $169.99.

According to USA Today, skyrocketing prices have forced some pool owners to consider alternatives to keep the water clean and safe to swim in.

Pool experts speaking with Pool Magazine have said not to panic as prices continue to increase with scarcity, and that proper water chemistry can be achieved using a variety of other products.

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