WATCH: 2 mini terriers scare wandering bear away from California home

A bear wanders inside a California home. (Deedee Mueller/YouTube)

PASADENA, Calif – One California woman’s home surveillance video captured her dogs chasing away a bear that had wandered inside her home.

The video, posted by Deedee Mueller on her YouTube channel, captured footage of a brown-colored bear casually walking toward the home entrance and taking a sip of pond water, according to Storyful.

As the bear walks into Mueller’s kitchen, two of her terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei, started to bark furiously at the bear, attempting to chase it out of the home.

Mueller told Storyful the bear left a trail of urine for fear of her “two vicious small senior dogs.”

According to Mueller’s YouTube channel, this wasn’t the first time she noticed bears frolicking in her backyard and ponds. She posts multiple videos capturing these wandering creatures.

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