Mail carrier treated to the ‘12 Days of Christmas’

COVENTRY, R.I. – A Coventry, Rhode Island, man who appreciates his mail carrier has gone above and beyond to make sure she knows it this Christmas by giving her a special delivery for the “12 Days of Christmas.”

Donald Vanasse says every year, he typically gives a gift to his mail carrier around the holidays.

“You give them a card, you give them a gift or something and I figured this year that I would be extra special,” Vanasse says. “This year, especially we’ve realized these are our essential workers, these people have to go out every day, they can’t work from home, they couldn’t stay away from people they had to do this and risk their lives.”

Vanasse wanted to make sure his mail carrier, “Jen,” knew that he was grateful for all she’s done, so he came up with the idea to give her “12 Days of Christmas.”

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