‘Light shaming’ letter targets Christmas displays

Letter sent to group of neighbors in St. Anthony, Minnesota asks for removal of Christmas lights, claiming in part they "are a reminder of divisions in our society " and show bias against "who don't celebrate Christmas, or who can't afford to." (KPRC)

(NBC NEWS) – At least four residents of one Minnesota town have received a letter shaming them for putting up Christmas light displays and asking for their removal.

In the letter sent to neighbors in one St. Anthony community, the anonymous sender addresses the Christmas light displays in each yard, stating in part: “The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are a reminder of divisions in our society and systemic biases against neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas, or who can’t afford to, during these unprecedented times.”

“A lot of people felt really singled out and really creeped out that someone came and took down their addresses,” says Rachel Blodgett, who lives near the houses that received the letter.

The letter went on to ask those who received it, “to respect the dignity of all people.”

“I think the letter in itself was absurd, but I think the sentiment is incredibly valid. I just don’t think that it was gone about in the correct way,” Blodgett says.

At least one of the recipients filed a police report, but St. Anthony police say, because the letter was not threatening, no crime was committed.

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