‘No Democrats allowed’: Charter boat captain bans Dems from his fishing trips

Generic image of a man catching a fish. (pixabay)

Captain Jake Hiles who has been operating Matador Fishing Charters out of Virginia Beach for the last 20 years is now banning Democrats from boarding his boat, WAVY News 10 reports.

According to the report, Hiles the decision comes after many interactions with left-wing customers who he says have treated him differently because of his contrasting views.

“I’ve watched repeatedly as the Democratic Party has tried to regulate my industry out of business and based on some interactions I’ve had with customers this year I decided I didn’t want to have Democrats on my boat anymore,” Hiles said according to WAVY News 10.

Hiles describes himself as a conservative who supports police, the military, believes in God and loves America and says he doesn’t want to have to suppress his views.

“I support America’s military and veterans. I believe in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment, the protection of rights, and Democrats do not. I love God. I love America. Democrats do not. I am who I am. I believe what I believe. I am not a racist, homophobe, or bigot of any sort,” Hiles wrote on Facebook. “I cannot bring myself to further sell-out myself to serving those whom I fundamentally morally oppose. I refuse to be treated like a lesser person for my conservative views by sanctimonious Democrats any longer.”

Hiles said onboard his boats, talk is often about sports or politics, and this is his choice. Hiles took to Facebook to make an announcement on his company page that Matador Fishing Charters will no longer offer services to Democrats or supporters of the Democratic party as of August 12.

Since making the announcement online, Hiles has received a lot of hate from liberals.

”I’ve been threatened, I’ve been called all sorts of vulgar names and this is just because of a disagreement,” Hiles said, according to WAVY News 10.

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