Video shows white woman spewing racial slurs at Asian postal worker during meltdown

Woman seen on camera spewing racist slurs towards Asian postal worker. (Karens Going Wild by Pavel Paulinich)

A video is circulating on social media of a white woman spewing racist slurs toward an Asian employee at a Los Altos post office.

The woman, seemingly having a meltdown and frustrated at the postal worker, was heard by customers saying the racist vitriol to the worker and then a second time before the woman left.

A Twitter page called “Karens Going Wild by Pavel Paulinich” decided to post the video in hopes someone can identify the woman.

Why are they referring to the woman as “Karen”?

A “Karen” is a term used to generally describe an entitled white woman who uses her white privilege to make irritating demands, such as frequently requesting to “speak to the manager.”

Watch the video below:

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