Shopper called a ‘demon’ by woman rebuking people, ordering them out of grocery store vitamin aisle, viral video shows

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HOUSTON – A maskless woman called another shopper a “demon” while invoking the name of Jesus Christ as she ordered people out of an aisle she was shopping in at a Washington store, video shows.

The incident reportedly happened at a Fred Meyer store in Longview, Washington.

As she paces up and down the vitamin aisle, the woman said, “I command you in Jesus Christ’s name to get off this aisle. I’m buying something! Have respect for Jesus Christ’s sakes. I said get off this aisle until I can buy something.”

“Really? … What is wrong with people. Like, is that how you think you’re going to get your message across?” someone can be heard saying on the video. “She doesn’t want anyone to go down that aisle until she can get what she wants and leave the aisle. So she’s rebuking everyone that enters the aisle.”

The woman gets in one woman’s face in a corner of the aisle by a display and calls her a “demon.”

Twitter user Tera Lee shared three videos of the incident. In the last video from the store, the woman can be seen being held down on the floor by someone.

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