Here’s how anti-maskers are protesting orders by wearing a mask

Anti-maskers are somewhat complying with orders to wear masks after discovering a loophole.

As a part of a protest, anti-maskers are covering up by wearing non-protective masks to make a political statement.

The protesters’ argument is that mask mandates are about compliance, not safety.

To prove this, protesters are visiting stores that have a mask requirement while wearing a one made of a breathable material such as mesh.

While the wearer’s nose and mouth is covered, the mask offers no protection against the coronavirus.

One man in Florida shared a video after leaving Walmart explaining he purposely wore a mesh mask and didn’t face any issues while shopping at the store.

“I wore a mask that is designed for protecting your face in a paintball battle. You can easily breathe through it. I walked all around the store, talked to employees, and other shoppers, and every one of them could see my mouth,” Russ Ward, who filmed the video, said.

Ward went on to explain to viewers how his experiment proved mask mandates aren’t about safety.

“It was almost like not wearing a mask at all. Nobody cared,” Ward said. “That’s because it’s not about safety. It’s all about compliance.”

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