WATCH: ‘Friday the 13th’ villain Jason Voorhees stars in new PSA on mask wearing

Screenshot of 'Friday the 13th' villain Jason Voorhees in PSA (YouTube)

NEW YORK – New York State is turning to humor by recruiting “Friday the 13th” villain Jason Voorhees in a new message on wearing masks as a way to push awareness of coronavirus.

The 30-second ad, produced by Ogilvy Health features Jason walking around New York streets in his famous hockey mask while unintentionally scaring people away from the NY subway to parks when, in reality, he is trying to fit in.

Later in the video, he realized that his own mask isn’t “protective” enough. Then, a little girl approaches Jason to give him a face mask to wear over his hockey mask, in an effort to fit in with the public.

“It’s not easy,” the voiceover in the video said. “A mask kind of makes people uncomfortable. I wish everyone could see me for who I am ... just trying to fit in.”

According to Ogilvy Health, the developer of the ad, incorporating pop culture figures is a great way to entertain younger audiences, especially to those who may “feel invincible” to COVID-19.

See the full version of the ad below:

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