Man goes to store for pork rinds with $6 in pocket, leaves a $200,000 lottery winner

PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. – A Pleasant Garden man went to pick up some pork rinds but ended up with a $200,000 prize.

On March 18, Andrew Parrish, a small business owner, was driving home from work when he stopped at Han-Dee Hugo on U.S. 22 Business in Randleman.

“I just got off work and stopped to get some pork rinds,” recalled Parrish. “I had $6 dollars left and thought, ‘Well go ahead and give me two Powerball Power Plays.”

A week later, he stopped by the same BP once again and checked his numbers.

“I had the girl check them for me,” said Parrish. “She said, ‘You’ve got to go to Raleigh!’”

His $3 ticket matched numbers on four of the white balls and the Powerball for $50,000. THen, the 4X Power Play multiplier was drawn launching his prize to $200,000.

He says his wife couldn’t believe it.

“She kept telling me quit messing with her,” said Parrish. “By the time she got home, my son and I had realized how much we’d won and I told her over the phone before she got home and she just bawled. She cried all the way home.”

Parrish picked up his prize Monday in Raleigh and left with $141,501 after taxes.

He plans to use his prize money to pay off bills and his daughter’s car, and maybe buy himself a new truck. After that he said he plans to “stick the rest in the bank.”