A rapper will freestyle for 33 hours for COVID-19 relief. He might break a world record while he’s at it

Watsky is attempting to break a Guiness world record for his freestyle rap for 33 hours straight. (Watsky/YouTube)

(CNN) -- While they’re shut out of concert venues, musicians are livestreaming stripped-down sets for fans. But only one artist can say he may break a Guinness World Record while he’s at it.

Los Angeles rapper Watsky, whose full name is George Watsky, is currently livestreaming what may be the longest freestyle rap ever, at 33 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

He's raising money for several causes: for the crew who worked on his postponed tour, for musicians everywhere who've been sidelined by the coronavirus and for his fans who planned to attend his show but lost money to nonrefundable travel plans.

So far, he's raised over $84,000, his management said from his Twitter account while he's busy rapping. He's not keeping any of the money, either -- the world record clout is enough.

"I wanted to make an impact for the people close to me and was looking for a way to do something for them, something fun that would ... stay on the air for a long time raising money," he wrote in a statement on Tuesday, the day before his one-man benefit concert began.

He looped in Guinness World Record officials, too, and started streaming at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday. The last attempt to break the record for the longest continuous freestyle occurred in January, when Pittsburgh rapper Frzy rhymed for 31 hours, also for charity, though Guinness officials weren't on hand to officially announce him the record holder.

Watsky was still going strong around hour 19 of his endurance livestream, spitting verses like, "My flow is phlegmy, My cousin's name is Clemmy," and "I really want to prosper, sing the gospel, be phosphorus."

So, not all of his rhymes are hits, and he's pulled out a dictionary for inspiration as he nears the 24-hour mark.

If you’re reading this before 10 p.m. ET on Thursday, then he’s likely still going. You can watch him on YouTube or Facebook and donate on Tiltify.

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