Here are 6 alternatives to handshakes that don’t require any touching

Here are alternatives to shaking hands.
Here are alternatives to shaking hands. (Max Pepper/CNN)

Dr. Anthony Fauci has declared the handshake dead. All that close physical contact is just not what you want when there's a respiratory-borne pandemic going around.

But look around you. The world's got plenty of alternatives with zero touching and all of the intended warmth.


Namaste, a traditional Hindu greeting, means, "The Divine within me bows to the same Divine within you" in Sanskrit, according to the Hindu American Foundation. Clearly, the gesture is a poetic step up from clammy handshakes.

To do it, bow slightly, palms pressed together toward your chest, with your fingertips pointing up.

Raise brows and smile

Don't say "hello" with your hands -- say it with your brows.

The "eyebrow flash" is a touchless alternative in Samoa, the late ethnologist Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt wrote in the collection called "Non-Verbal Communication." (CNN)