Social Security recipients can expect a stimulus check

Coronavirus relief money: How much you could receive and how the government will get it to you

U.S. citizens who receive Social Security benefits can expect to get a stimulus check, according to many reports.

“The proposed bill includes language that allows Americans receiving Social Security—many of whom are retired and don’t file taxes—to obtain direct financial assistance through the coronavirus stimulus package,” according to Fortune Magazine.

To determine their rebate, beneficiaries’ data will be accessed by the government through the Social Security Administration, Fortune Magazine reports.

Under the $2 trillion stimulus package, those who qualify will receive the following amounts:

$1,200 for a single adult who did not make more than $75,000, according to their filed 2019 taxes.

$2,400 for a married couple who filed jointly and did not make more than 150,000, according to their 2019 taxes.

Parents will receive $500 for each child under 17-years-old.

Unemployed adults can receive an additional $600 per week on top of state benefits for four months.

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