VIDEO: Cops chase ambulance-stealing suspect through city

(NBC) – A runaway ambulance, driven by a suspect, wound its way Friday night through busy streets in Philadelphia, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports.

The suspect was chased for more than an hour by dozens of police cruisers, evading them in numerous close calls and crashing into other vehicles along the way. He initially stole the ambulance at the scene of an alleged shooting on Roosevelt Boulevard.

The chase began shortly after 9 p.m. The chase finally ended in Northeast Philadelphia after he evaded officers throughout numerous neighborhoods there. During that time, he drove along some of the city's busiest streets, including the boulevard, Cottman Avenue and Frankford Avenue.

He was arrested at Walnut Lane and Tolbut Street in the Rhawnhurst neighborhood.

At one point, the suspect drove the ambulance through a gas station, squeezed through several police cruisers and slammed into another vehicle before again making a getaway down Frankford Avenue.

He also stopped another time and appeared eager to end the chase. As police officers approached, he opened the door and one officer may have Tased the suspect. But a second later, the suspect closed the door and drove off again.

Here is the video of the full police chase: