911 operator helps rescue human trafficking victim calling from Dominican Republic

Wisconsin 911 operator helps rescue Green Bay human trafficking victim being held captive in the Dominican Republic.

An international phone call helped save a Green Bay, Wisconsin woman’s life as she was being held captive about 2,000 miles away.

“I never expected this to happen,” said Tracy Ertl, the Communications Supervisor for Brown County Public Safety.

It’s a rare occurrence that the Brown County Dispatch Center gets an international call. The nonemergency line rang Sunday afternoon. The voice on the other end was a Green Bay woman in danger, being held captive in the Dominican Republic.

“You could hear the chaos in the store, in the background, a lot of activity,” said Ertl.

The woman said she had met a man online and went to meet him. That's when things took a turn. She told Tracy Ertl and her team at the dispatch center she'd been there since October, with only a few chances to escape and get help.

“She was held in a house that was secured with chains,” said Ertl.

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