Man accused of beating, robbing grandfather, family

Grandfather says group of 3 robbers kicked him, his son

HOUSTON - A man has been arrested after beating and robbing a grandfather and his family in their own home, said investigators.

Houston police said they were able to track the suspect because of a key piece of evidence left at the scene.

When armed robbers invaded his home in the 5600 block of Yale on Jan. 16, all Roberto Villagran could think about was protecting his family.

"I don't care for my life, but the kids, I'm thinking about my kids," said Villagran.

Villagran said three men first knocked at the door of his apartment.

"My son opened the door a little bit and the people kick in the door," said Villagran.

He said the men demanded money and drugs. When Villagran told the robbers they were at the wrong apartment and he had nothing to give to them, he said they started kicking him and his son, and beating them over the head with guns.

Villagran said the robbers even put a gun to his grandson's head. His granddaughter slept in another room.

"These people are dangerous. They're looking for money. I don't have any money," said Villagran. "And we're scared. We're real scared."

According to Villagran, the men took his wallet and cellphone, but in their hurry to escape through a back window, he said one robber dropped his own cellphone. Investigators said they used that phone to track down 22-year-old Derek Sanchez, who is facing felony charges in connection with the robbery.

Villagran said he continues to cherish every moment he still gets to spend with his family.

"I'm very happy," said Villagran.

Sanchez faces charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Police said they are still searching for the two other men who were also involved in the home invasion.

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