Teens arrested, accused of trespassing, planning illegal party

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HUFFMAN, Texas - Harris County deputies say they squashed plans for an illegal party in Huffman on a piece of land on Old Atascocita Road.

On Friday afternoon, deputies said they found the chain on the gate had been cut and that party organizers had trespassed in order to set up for the Saturday party.

The department said, "Due to the fact that they expected underage drinking and drug use, among other things, deputies took immediate action to shut down the plans. When deputies arrived at the location Friday afternoon, they found the lock on the gate to the private property had been cut. When contacted, the property owners said they did not give anyone permission to use their land and gave deputies permission to pursue criminal charges."

The sheriff's office arrested 19-year-old brothers Shawn and Dashawn Butler, as well as a juvenile and charged them with criminal trespass. Deputies said the property owner did not know about the planned party.

"Call us party crashers. In this case, we would be happy to accept that title," said Christina Garza, Harris County Sheriff's Spokesperson. Garza told Local 2, "You, as a parent, certainly don't want your kids attending any one of these parties. You as a teenager really don't want to expose yourself to some of these potential dangers. There is clearly some drug use going on. There's clearly some underage drinking going on. The two combined together are not a good mix."

At the Butler home, Monday night, no one wanted to comment about the arrests. But on Facebook, Dashawn Butler said "We learned a lot this passed weekend. But do people really think taking us to jail or teachers (blankin') or schools calling parents are gonna stop us from throwing parties....(blank) no. We owe everyone a huge Halloween party and we will have one." Another post, by the brothers, said the next party would be legal.

Sheriff's deputies said they expected about 4,000 people to attend the party Saturday.

The department said, "Deputies convinced one of the adult organizers to post a message on his social media webpage alerting would-be attendees that the party had been canceled. That message read in part 'The Ranch Party is cancelled! The Harris County Sheriff's Department are 100% aware of this party and will be in full force in the Huffman area."

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