Microburst does major damage in Tomball

Neighbors: Cleanup will begin Tuesday

TOMBALL, Harris County - A microburst is to blame for major storm damage in Tomball Monday night.

The microburst hit around 8 p.m. shearing off sheet metal, toppling trees, and knocking out power, neighbors said.

CenterPoint energy reported as many as 1,100 customers lost power during the storms.

Russell McCammon's home was in the middle of the microburst zone.

He said, "It sounded like it was right over the top top of us, and then the wind, I mean  I literally saw the trees going back and forth like this."

McCammon said he and his family were hoping a nearby  tree would not fall over.

He said, "I had the blinds open and I saw it coming straight towards me and everyone was just shocked as all get out.   It was pretty intense."

McCammon said the tree that fell was about 80 feet high and had been on the property for at least 40 years.

The winds did thousand of dollars in damage to McCammon's home.

Yanez said "A microburst is a downburst wind caused by collapsing thunderstorms.  A microburst can generate winds strong enough to uproot trees and damage structures.  A microburst is capable of generating winds as strong as an EF-0 tornado which can generate winds up to 85 miles per hour."

He said "Microburst winds move in a straight line while tornadoes spin.  The damage from a downburst wind will all be in one direction and a tornado will have damage in a circular pattern. "

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