Women sue after roadside cavity search

Lawsuit claims women's constitutional rights were violated because of unlawful search

BRAZORIA COUNTY - Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randle spoke publicly for the first time since filing a lawsuit against the state and Brazoria County after cavity searches on the side of 288, in Brazoria County on Memorial Day, a year ago.

"The male officer, his words verbatim, were, we're gonna get familiar with your womanly parts," said Hamilton.

The search was caught on a 40 minute dash camera video as a DPS trooper pulled the two women over.

Hamilton said, "She forced my legs open and she she turned me over and did it on my backside and that is ridiculous. I never once was asked can this happen? Or can I do this to you? It was just done."

"We were just assaulted in the worst way possible.  We weren't asked could we be touched.  It was just done to us.  I'm just embarrassed," said Randle.

The trooper said they were speeding, then said he smelled marijuana in their car.

The women both deny they had any drugs.

The trooper called a woman deputy to search the two on the side of the road.

The women believed they were searched in full view of the male trooper and three Brazoria County sheriff's deputies.

Hamilton said, "This lady is doing this to me while these cops are watching. And I can see them watching me. It's just hard. They were totally out of line."

Hamilton and Randle's lawsuit claims that their constitutional rights were violated because of the unlawful search.

The women said on the highway was not the right place.

Both women say the search was not only humiliating but also a health issue and Trooper Bui never changed her rubber gloves between the exams of the two women. 

Randle said, "She violated Brandy first. And then she came to me and I saw no change of gloves."

Local 2 legal analyst Brian Wice said body cavity searches are reserved for incarceration, not for road side stops.

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