Bay Oaks homeowners frustrated with latest mail theft response

HOUSTON – It’s a crime shocking enough, infuriating enough, to drive anyone crazy with anger.

We’re talking about postal thieves breaking into clusters of mail boxes all over Texas and stealing mail. That means your checks, banking records, packages, Christmas presents and so on.

They do it by buying stolen master keys, called Arrow Keys, that can open all of the mail boxes in one entire zip code.

“We’ve had so much mail and packages and checks and everything stolen over the past year it’s incredible,” Kevin Ruszkowski said.

In fact, homeowners who live in the Bay Oaks neighborhood say over the past 12 months, since last December, have had thousands of dollars in online merchandise, checks and mail stolen.

”We’ve gone to our postal carrier, gone to the post office locally, written to the postal inspector and nothing at all has happened to correct this problem,” Kyle Ruszkowski said.

It isn’t just happening here in this neighborhood, Texas is now being called a hot bed for mail theft.

Rather than just reporting on this story, KPRC 2 Investigative Reporter Bill Spencer took immediate action, calling the Harris County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office, who showed up in minutes to investigate the cluster of boxes in this neighborhood being broken into as recently as this morning.

They say, they’ve been trying to catch the thieves hitting these boxes since September.

I have also contacted the United States Postal Inspectors Office to see what they are doing about this problem, what solutions they plan to employ and when.

We at KPRC 2 are committed to getting this rampant problem fixed and we will stay with it in the months to come.

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