UT Health doctor shares list of common holiday-related injuries that can land you in the emergency room

HOUSTON – Here is a list of the top injuries an emergency room doctor wants to warn you about this holiday season:

Accidents on the road

Dr. Salil Bhandari with UT Health Houston and Memorial Hermann said over 600 accidents happen on the road, specifically on holidays, nationwide every year.

People are driving fast or they are drinking alcohol, he explains as the top reasons people require emergency care.

Falling off ladders

Dr. Bhandari said it’s important to use the four-to-one rule. For every four feet you climb up a ladder, position the ladder one foot away from the home.

Also, never use the top step if you’re using a V ladder.

Most dangerous toys

Motorized and non-motorized scooters, skateboards and hoverboards lead to fall injuries.

Dr. Bhandari said if you buy one of these, include the helmet and wrist guards.

Cooking fires

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby when cooking, and if a fire starts in the oven, close the oven door to cut off the oxygen and put the fire out.