By the numbers: DRAINED investigative series leads to thousands in refunds

Houston – You’ve demanded answers and accountability after 18 months of outrageous water billing issues. Now we’re back with updates.

All day Thursday on KPRC 2 News, Investigator Amy Davis and producer Andrea Slaydon are back with new stories highlighting what city leaders say they’re planning to get done, tools you can use to track water usage, and holding the city accountable for questionable contracts to repair Houston’s water lines.

Here’s a look at our work over the last year.

DRAINED investigative series leads to thousands of dollars in refunds. (Copyright 2023 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

What is the KPRC 2 ‘DRAINED’ investigation?

The ‘DRAINED’ investigation has always been about transparency. You should be able to understand your water bill and the charges. When you believe there is an error, there should be a clear process on how to resolve it fairly. The city of Houston has made no real changes since our investigation began in November 2022, one year ago.

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