What’s going around? Flu, COVID and strep throat

Texas and Washington D.C, are the only two parts of America spiking on the CDC weekly flu chart right now.

Clinics across Houston confirm flu is definitely going around!

Houston and The Woodlands

“I am seeing COVID, strep, and also cough in the Houston region,” says MinuteClinic nurse practitioner Serena Lopez.

Lopez also encourages patients to get the flu shot as soon as possible because of a recent increase in cases.

Montgomery County

“In Montgomery County, we are seeing flu-like illness and allergy flares,” says MinuteClinic practitioner and Regional Quality Lead Erin Vierus.

Mid-September is the time of year for weed pollens to be high. For those allergic to ragweed, experts suggest taking an antihistamine now through fall.


“In the Pearland area, we’re seeing strep and other viral infections, causing sore throat, cough and ear pain,” says MinuteClinic family nurse practitioner Bryttany Chambers.