Danish artist who ignored job and gave museum blank canvases ordered to give back over $70K

Jens Haaning was given thousands to recreate two art pieces, which included bank notes attached to canvas. Instead, he delivered empty frames.

Blank canvas generic (Pixabay.com)

A Danish artist who gave a museum two blank canvases to place on display two years ago was ordered to repay a portion of his fees by a Copenhagen court on Monday.

Jens Haaning was ordered to repay the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg a total of 492,549 Danish Krone, more than $70,000, for violating the terms of his deal with the museum, according to a translated statement from the Copenhagen City Council.

Haaning was asked in 2021 to recreate two of his prior works for the museum, one of which included a representation of annual wages in Denmark and Austria by attaching bank notes to a canvas. The museum also gave him bank notes for the piece.

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