5 social media settings to enable when your kids are back in school

Get your family Classroom Ready with these social media boundaries to guide your children

Back-to-school season is here, and this is a transition period for students. Late nights and sleeping in give way to early morning alarms, structured schedules and daily activities.

This is the perfect time of year to set new guidelines for social media use. Parents can support their kids by encouraging them to use social media in a positive, supportive way while also setting appropriate boundaries on the amount of time they spend and the content they see.

Dayna Geldwert, head of global policy programs at Instagram, joined KPRC 2+ Now at 7 to talk about some social media settings to consider during the back to school season, and beyond. Watch her full interview above.

Here are some social media settings to consider:

  • Take a Break: Set time limits with “Take a Break” on Instagram. When enabled, a full-screen reminder will tell users to “take a break” and leave the app.
  • Quiet Mode: Quiet Mode gives teens more ways to focus and set boundaries. Once on, they won’t receive notifications and an automatic reply is sent when people receive DMs.
  • Hidden Words: Users have the option to turn on “hidden words” for comments and DMs. Once on, comments and DMs containing emojis, words or phrases selected by the user will be hidden.
  • Restrict: Teens can use “Restrict” to help prevent bullying. Restrict was developed specifically for teens who want a more subtle way to block bullies without them knowing they’ve been blocked.
  • Parental Supervision Tools: Parents are able to see their teen’s social media settings, be notified if a change is made to those settings, see who their teen reports or blocks and set “blocking hours.”

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