Carla Walker Act: US Senator John Cornyn introduces new bill that will help solve cold cases

TEXAS – On Wednesday, U.S. Senator John Cornyn joined forensic DNA experts, law enforcement leaders, and the brother of murder victim Carla Walker for a roundtable at Othram Inc. to discuss his legislation to help solve cold cases, the Carla Walker Act.

The roundtable focused on the cutting-edge Forensic Genetic Genealogy (FGG) DNA testing conducted by Othram and others that has revolutionized criminal investigations by using advanced technology to identify human remains and help solve previously unsolvable cold cases.

Carla Walker’s brother, Jim Walker, also shared the story of his sister’s murder, how it moved him to become a police officer to investigate her case, and how Othram’s technology successfully identified her murderer almost 50 years later.

Leading detectives, including the investigator who first utilized FGG DNA analysis to solve the Golden State Killer case, Paul Holes, also shared their experiences solving previously unsolvable cases using the FGG DNA processes.

Sen. Cornyn then discussed his new legislation, the Carla Walker Act, which would create federal funding to support the use of the FGG DNA analysis and aid in resolving previously unsolvable cold cases, assist in the identification of criminals, seek justice for previously unidentified victims, help exonerate wrongly accused suspects, and bring closure for the victims’ loved ones.

About the Authors:

Zachery “Zach” Lashway anchors KPRC 2+ Now. He began at KPRC 2 as a reporter in October 2021.