New Caney ISD bus riders battling the heat as school returns

NEW CANEY, Texas – Bus riders at New Caney ISD have been battling the heat the first week of school.

Sweating through shirts, on a school bus in 104 degree heat, has parents like Jamie McAdams concerned.

“My biggest concern with all of this for the most part is heatstroke with our children. It’s hot enough just standing out here. Could you imagine having 81 students all crammed in a can,” said McAdams.

McAdams said her daughter rode the bus from New Caney High School and came home sweating.

“She gets off the bus, she’s very dizzy, she’s very lightheaded, she is nauseous she is very hot,” she said.

Parents sent KPRC 2 photos of bus 406. showing students packing the bus.  The district said this bus and none of the New Caney High School buses have been over capacity this week. Capacity for the buses are between 76 to 82 students depending on the bus, according to New Caney ISD. McAdams said students are waiting roughly 30 minutes on the bus before leaving. District officials said most buses are leaving within 20 minutes.

“You’ve got the door open that’s even more heat coming in. Then you have everybody packed into a sardine can,” said McAdams.

According to New Caney ISD, there are a total of 116 buses in the district, six of them are without AC. Those six buses have the shortest routes, 30 minutes or less. The district said there may be AC issues from time to time, but when an issue arises, maintenance fixes it as quickly as possible.

The district said buses without AC are allowed to roll their windows down.  They said the buses with AC cannot have their windows down because the hot air will get in. They said safety is a priority and students are allowed to bring water, small fans and are encouraged to wear light clothing.

About the Author:

Corley Peel is a Texas native and Texas Tech graduate who covered big stories in Joplin, Missouri, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida before returning to the Lone Star State. When not reporting, Corley enjoys hot yoga, Tech Football, and finding the best tacos in town.