Spencer Solves It helps save Houston man’s home from dead trees threatening to come crashing down

HOUSTON – At 57 years old, Edward Stewart walks me through the story of his life through pictures of his life.

Throughout that life, Edward has always cherished the privilege of hard work.

His passion, working in restaurants and serving other people.

“I was a cook, a cashier, a dishwasher, busboy, you name it, I did it all,” Edward said.

But twenty years ago, Edward’s health took a dramatic nosedive.

Edward developed COPD, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and horribly scarred lungs, forcing him to rely on oxygen tanks to breathe and forcing him to quit working altogether.

“That’s what hurts me so bad because I want to go back to work. I want to go back to work so bad,” Edward said.

But Ed’s biggest problem right now has nothing to do with his health, it’s a whole group of old, dead trees that are threatening to come crashing down on Ed’s home in the Trinity Gardens neighborhood.

Tree experts have told Ed if he doesn’t do something fast, his home could wind up like a home in Spring, that was literally cut in half by a falling tree during last week’s powerful thunder and wind storms.

The problem is cutting these trees down will cost thousands of dollars and living on social security disability payments of just over $900 a month, Edward can’t afford it.

So he wrote me for help.

So right away, I reached out to the hard-working, tree experts at Nature’s Tree Removal in Houston.

Specializing in both residential and commercial tree trimming and removal, they have already surveyed the situation at Ed’s house and have agreed to to the entire job absolutely free.

The job is a big one.

One that will take two full crews at least 10 hours to remove several trees and trim several others, all the while, not damaging Ed’s house in the process.

We will begin work in a few weeks and we will show you the stunning aftermath when we finish this “house-saving” project.

For Ed’s part, he simply says, “God bless you, Bill.”

We start work in a couple of weeks and will be cutting down at least two old, dead, dangerous trees and trimming several others in a very big way.

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