First board meeting under TEA appointed administration ratifies contract for controversial superintendent

HOUSTON – The Texas Education Agency takeover is in full effect. Thursday, a newly appointed HISD Board voted in it’s managers and solidified a contract for the controversial new superintendent.

The meeting was anything but smooth as protesters flooded the room screaming and shouting at the administration saying they want them gone, and their elected officials back.

High charged emotions from protesters outside of HISD headquarters spilled inside.

The meeting began with protesters taking to the podium or speaking out virtually to address the new state appointed board, and especially the new Superintendent, Mike Miles who has been largely referenced as a failed former leader of the Dallas Independent School District.

“Everyone should be aware for the record that superintendent (Miles) left Dallas with declining scores,” one speaker said.

Others called the takeover itself a form of state corruption led by a Governor Greg Abbott, putting unfair pressure on minority schools. They said HISD was already making drastic improvements at low performing schools under the previous administration.

Ongoing outbursts made it impossible to hear the board, but the meeting continued.

The board voted in its president as Audrey Momanee, Vice President as Ric Campo, and Secretary as Angela Lemond Flowers.

The board also approved Miles’ new contract. It includes 25k in moving expenses and $1,473 every day he acts as superintendent.

Now that the offices have been voted on and the superintendent contract has been ratified there will be a meeting next Thursday on June 15 to review agenda items, and on June 22 the board will vote on those items.

About the Author:

Christian Terry covered digital news in Tyler and Wichita Falls before returning to the Houston area where he grew up. He is passionate about weather and the outdoors and often spends his days off on the water fishing.