Thieves steal, dump calf ‘Sir Loin’ from Brookshire’s Dewberry Farm

Sir Loin (Dewberry Farm)

BROOKSHIRE, Texas – Dewberry Farm in Brookshire is asking the public to look out for a miniature Hereford which they said was stolen from the farm this past Thursday night.

According to the farm, the calf, called Sir Loin, was taken by the thieves, who they said are now in custody. The thieves reportedly dumped the calf somewhere in the Brookshire or Katy area.

The Waller County Sheriff’s Office confirmed two female suspects were in custody and a third male suspect would be charged on Monday.

Dewberry Farm said the suspects confessed to dumping Sir Loin but can’t remember where, other than in the Katy or Brookshire area.

Dewberry Farm is offering a reward for any information which leads to Sir Loin’s recovery. They ask that you please contact them if you have any information.

About the Author:

Christian Terry covered digital news in Tyler and Wichita Falls before returning to the Houston area where he grew up. He is passionate about weather and the outdoors and often spends his days off on the water fishing.