‘Why did you do it?’: 11-year-old shot in chest by Mississippi police officer after calling 911 to help his mother

An 11-year-old boy shot by a police officer in Mississippi after he called 911 to help his mother is speaking out for the first time since his release from the hospital.

The child, Aderrien Murry, says his question for the officer who shot him is simply, “Why did you do it?”

Aderrien now carries a wound on his chest from the incident, and even more daunting, a wound in his mind when he recants the terrifying incident.

He shared with KPRC 2 what goes through his mind at night now after he was harmed simply because he wanted help from police.

Instead, Aderrien was shot by a responding officer.

“Sometimes I can see myself laying in the coffin,” he said. “I sometimes think people are watching me. But my main thought is me dead.”

According to the family’s attorney, at around 4 a.m. on May 20, Aderrien’s mother got a visit from an irate ex-boyfriend.

She then told Aderrien to call 911.

The attorney says Aderrien followed responding Officer Greg Capers’ instructions to come out with his hands up however Capers shot anyway.

“He came within an inch of losing his life and that’s why we have filed that $5 million lawsuit,” attorney Carlos Moore stated.

The civil lawsuit was filed against the city of Indianola, Mississippi, its police chief, and officers involved in the shooting.

Moore adds that the gunshot collapsed Aderrien’s lung, lacerated his liver, and fractured his ribs.

The family is now asking to see bodycam video, which has not been publicly released.

The officer who pulled the trigger is now on paid administrative leave and has not publicly made comment regarding this case.

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