1 dead, 2 injured after shooting in west Houston

HOUSTON – One person died, and two others were injured after a shooting on Friday in west Houston.

One person is in critical condition, and the other individual is in stable condition, the Houston Police Department said.

Officers were dispatched around 8:15 p.m. to the 4000 block of Boone Road due to a shooting at a shopping strip.

There were at least four people involved who knew each other. There was a disturbance, then a man fired a gun.

A second person grabbed a gun from their vehicle and started shooting as well. There were shell casings on the ground, and the windows of a car were shot out.

Several rounds were fired, but officials did not mention what caused the disturbance. Those who were involved were not identified yet, and none of the weapons were recovered at the scene.

When officers first arrived a man and woman spoke to them, and the man had several gunshot wounds. The two victims were taken to a local hospital.

Law enforcement is still investigating the homicide and gathering information from witnesses. If you have any information about the shooting, you should call police at 713-308-3600.

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