Division and lack of trust continues in Uvalde over no accountability, actions by law enforcement

Robb Elementary parents take on law enforcement: ‘I could never trust them’

UVALDE, Texas – All around Uvalde on Wednesday, there were questions over accountability and the lack of it.

“The kids need justice. There is no justice, no accountability,” said resident Mike Brown.

Pastor Daniel Myers echoed the same sentiments while holding a flag to honor the 21 victims of one of the worst campus shootings in our nation’s history.

“Whoever is at fault, let them be accountable for it,” said Pastor Myers.

Parents and former teachers are angry with their fighting spirit showing no end in sight.

“They took the whole year to supposedly give us answers and we still haven’t gotten anything. The parents are not going to ask any more, we are just going to demand more and get what we need,” said Arnulfo Reyes, a teacher at Robb Elementary who lost eleven of his students.

It’s this fight for answers, as well as full transparency, for what surveillance cameras captured in the hallways of Robb Elementary that day that makes this town anything but strong.

“Very divided,” is how Myers described the current environment in Uvalde.

Angeli Rose Gomez told KPRC 2 Investigates near the memorial in the town’s square, “We are not the united that we need to be.”

Gomez added that that division is over the lack of action by police officers who responded that day.

As for the process in which a town like Uvalde can trust again?

“I could never trust them. I don’t think we ever will because, really, it’s not about the guns; it’s about them not doing their jobs,” said Gomez.

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