Cattle mutilation in Madison County: See the surprising and thought-provoking responses to reported kills

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HOUSTON – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reported earlier this month that people have found multiple cows dead and mutilated along TX-OSR, and responses to the social media post about the killings are a little addictive to read, with tons of culprits suggested, from aliens to fallen angels.

Here are some of the responses we gathered on Wednesday that caught our eye, among the thousands of reactions to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office’s social media post. (We lightly edited the reactions for clarity and brevity.)

Esteban Garza: “I’m not saying it was Aliens. But it was Aliens.”

Kathleen Kasper: “Fallen angels”

Debra Cooper: “how did these so called Satanist manage to mutilate cows with such precision while leaving no blood or footprints?”

Calvin Megan Brey: “My grandad used to cowboy in the river bottoms of north east Texas. He told me of a story of one night riding up on a group of people doing this exact same thing. He said it was a group of devil worshipers, and he also said there was not one drop of blood. Pretty crazy, I figured there was a little tall tale in the story.”

Sid Miller: “I found two heifers like that once. Extremely strange.”

Jennifer Oakes: “Esteban Garza satanic cults exist whether you like that idea or not. They do in fact, practice animal sacrifice. Cattle included. Satanic practices have been around for thousands of years, same like other world religions. It’s not something anyone’s gonna go shout out and be open about since it’s not popular but some mainstream outlets are being more vocal. Anyway, this manner of killing the cow is cruel, hence again, they’re not gonna advertise. Also, the cows are $6k a piece sometimes, so theft is also celebrated. And if you choose to ignore Satanism as a religion, that’s disgusting, because you need to be self aware. Christians practice their faith but so do these people. A few people share their stories of leaving the occult online. Interesting.”

Jim Dean: “Jennifer Oakes this isn’t satanists. I’m old enough to have been alive in the 70′s when this was happening before. Late August, Wyoming, about 11pm, I was sitting outside of town talking to a friend when we saw a blacked out helicoper fly low into a valley ahead. No lights on it, but there was enough moon to see it fairly clearly. We could also hear it, it did not have the typical whump of a military Huey (Bell) helicopter. It flew down very low, then shot up and left headed toward Utah. We tried to follow it, but obviously could not keep up.

The next day a rancher out that way found two cattle. Several internal organs removed. The cuts were super clean, no blood loss, no other tissue damage, and just like these, the coyotes didn’t touch them.

So unless satanists are flying around in blacked out helicopters, this ain’t them.

And I’m not about to get into a debate about this, I really don’t care what anyone else says or thinks, I 100 percent know what we both saw.”

Lonnie Lum: “For more information contact agent Mulner or Skully. If that doesn’t work try Mork or Mindy”

Elizabeth Caddel: “Where are Sam and Dean Winchester when you need them?”

Holly Rorie: “Did they test the cows for radiation? Chances are the scavenger creatures weren’t touching it because of contamination. Enoch wrote of non-humans descending from Mt. Hermon in Syria to mate with humans. Their evil is what lead to the flood. Noah building and being aboard the ark was to save humankind, whilst eradicating the hybrids created from mating, since they were overpowering and enslaving humans. With as twisted as some of the practices of human beings are, it’s really not so hard to believe. They were called the watchers, and some are good, such as those who lead the peoples out of slavery in Egypt, but some are very bad.”

Shawn M. Reynolds: “This kind of thing will never be normal to me even if Aliens have been here for centuries. Of course it’s freaky and disturbing. Look up Aliens in the Antarctic. You’ll be amazed at how many types of aliens are all around us presumably. And, the reactions of scientists who have seen them. Totally catatonic reactions. If you ask me? Ignorance is bliss. Sorry.”

Bernadean Britt: “Did they get a toxicology on the cattle to see if they were drugged to bring them down. If so, the drugs would be a great lead……”

Aguilar Will: “El Comelenguas is an urban legend of the folklore of Honduras. It is a winged creature that attacks animals and removes their tongues.

El Comelenguas it is described by peasants whose testimonies say they have seen it devouring cattle, as a giant bird with large wings and a long, powerful tail. Although at first it seems that it was talking about a pterodactyl, this is discarded in variations of the legend of the Tongue Eater, in which it is said that its tail is shaped like a snake.

The story of the mysterious entity that killed animals and devoured their language begins to be woven around 1950, in the beautiful community of Nacaome, southern Honduras. With citizens finding an immense bird flying over the estates of the sector, witnesses assure that the day after the sighting of the mysterious flying creature, many cattle were found dead in a strange way.

People claimed that the dead animals did not show signs of violence.

For a long time, the events of animals that appeared dead with their tongues torn out were repeated in the area, causing uncertainty and fear among the inhabitants, especially among the ranchers who saw every day how their cattle were killed by an animal that no one could say exactly. what it was. The animals were inexplicably found dead with their tongues “nipped in the bud” and sometimes with dislocated jaws.

This type of narration is heard in many towns in Honduras, but it is said that in the 1940s, something similar happened in an area of Brazil called Goias. The dead animals in that sector showed signs similar to those shown by the dead animals in Nacaome, Honduras.

It is not known with certainty what type of animal or monster caused the death of hundreds of cattle in the southern part of Honduras, but the fact was related to UFOs, extraterrestrial beings (Aliens) and even the famous Chupacabra. But that is only speculation, because still no one can explain what happened.

(Google it)”

Pam Kothmann: “They should take one of them to TAMU Large Animal for Necropsy. That would help with at least some of the questions.”

Brooke Weeks: “Definitely giving skin walker ranch vibes”

Elise Gaudioso-Vaughn: “Sounds like a ritualistic slaughter/killing. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.”

Bailey Dee: “This happened around my grandparents ranch in the 80′s in SD. Happened to my grandpa and some of the neighbors. They lost several cattle to mutilation and it was on a piece of property that was not accessible by road and tucked wayy back in the sticks. Like you had to go through 3 pastures cross country to get to it. My grandpa swore it was aliens.”

Leigh Anne Kniess: “I read this aloud to my husband a tad freaked out and his reply was (calm as day, never looking up from his game) “big cats do that” ...... totally killed my spooked mood lol”

Lacy Barnes: “LeighAnne Kniess I’d be curious to know how many head of cattle they have/how often they actually have eyes on them. To know if it was possibly there for a while but not decomposed due to weather etc yet other predatory animals could sense that hence not eat it? Not sure but it’s been reported since at least the 70s (age of wide stream media prevalence) so I believe it’s more of a natural phenomena than satanic panic.”

Danielle Adams: “LeighAnne Kniess no they won’t, animals don’t just kill for the fun of it and they don’t waste. The body’s of the cows would be practical skinned to the bone from animals eating it because that’s what they do. An animal did not do this. Also animals would leave bite marks and wounds, they couldn’t use precision to cut out parts perfectly.”

Skylar Bubeck: “LeighAnne Kniess they may tear and rip but it specifically says it was done in a precise manner. These surgical like cuts are not the work of animals or wannabe cults.”

Lacy Barnes: “LeighAnne Kniess yes or even coyotes travel in packs as the weather gets warmer and take their young out to learn to hunt. They go for whatever are the easiest, fastest, juiciest parts to get to. (sometimes eyes, tongue, genitalia, sometimes kidneys/liver/heart) They grab the hide with their mouth and then pull the hide back away from their feast, so it looks like a precise line cut more than just a chomp.”

Nita Syphrett: “Two incidents similar to this happened here a few years ago. A calf across the highway cleanly killed and organs removed. A Bull just across our fence line killed and genitals removed. All in the Spring, coordinated with the start of Summer Solstice.”

Aubrie Strauser: “There’s a similar occurrence that happed in ballard, utah between 1934-1936 the ranch was called Sherman Ranch also known as Skinwalker Ranch. from the story and the research i’ve done at the time of the strange occurrences and the exact same death of cattle it was owned by Terry and Gwen Sherman in those years of 1934-1936 and then 1996–2016 to Robert Bigelow where the same things happened. it’s an interesting story to look into. the exact same cattle deaths where reported. cattle cut with precision as if done surgically and not a drop of blood on the ground.”

Donna Robertson Neves: “This same thing happened back in the mid to late 80s in Ector County Texas at Notrees on the Henderson ranch. My dad was the ranch manager then.”

Marlyn Bonner: “If buzzards and coyotes leave the body untouched, the animal was likely poisoned. I had a dead cow on an oilfield location that the predators never touched. The well has poison gas spraying from a relief valve and the flare was not burning.”

Jayme Rudolph: “Gosh, I remember being 11, and there were cattle mutilations up in Livingston Texas that were unexplainable my Grandmother worked as a housekeeper for a rancher, and I was staying with her that summer.”

Alvin T. Kmiec: “I remember cases of this happening in the late 70′s or early 80′s. Neighboring rancher had Hereford bull killed and his heart cut out. The even crazy thing the bull was away from any road where he was found.”

Maygen Guillot: “Aliens! No one can change my mind.”

Joy Maertz: “We had a similar experience in Austin County a few years ago but the udders were blood no struggle. No tracks”

Hannah Vessell: “This also happened back in the 70s and it went unsolved… in Texas also. Here are the news clippings of the article on the FBI website.

David Jolley: “Anyone that raises cattle knows this is BS. Unless a UFO picked the cow up, hauled it off and cut it up. Then came back and dropped it from the sky back into the same pasture. Yet, where’s the pictures of the cut up cattle?”

Sheila Marie: “Again? This has been occurring for a long time. Books have been written about it. The instances are often along the 37th parallel and 33rd parallel.”

Victoria Whiteker: “I saw a mutilated cow in Montana 1976. A local rancher thought the cow died of lightening strike. That one had a calf. Her udder was similarly surgically removed. Same rancher said a coyote could have done it. It was very strange, and hard to believe a coyote was involved. 4 other cattle came up with the same type death and strange cutting/ severing. (Mutilations)”

Annie Dudley: “That is really sick so sad somebody would do that to animals like that... Some psycho on the loose.”

Gregory Perry: “From a person that spends 150-280 nights per year with thermal optics out in fields hunting varmints, it most likely breaks down to carrion birds or various scavengers. This shouldn’t even be advertised.”

Dave Robinson: “This is an old, old happening. It has happened all over the world for years. It happened on my cousins ranch in Montana in the late ‘60′s and on another cousins ranch in Baker county Oregon. All you need to do is google cattle mutilations. Same story all over. Same organs surgically removed , no blood or predation. Matching depression a few feet away as if they fell from the sky. I am a very rational person but this is the closest I have come to believing in UFO’s.”

Debbie Tuttle Casper: If they left the cow on the range then there was not a necropsy done to find the cause of death. Herbs and other things like that would explain animals not eating it. Kind of a fishy story. Ranchers always want to know exactly how and why the animal died.”

Donald Foster: “Sounds like the same thing I found in North Zulch several years back. Tongue and heart were gone, No blood, surgical clean cut and the cow was dumped on Olsen road. It was declared a roping accident and nothing else was said about it. I believe a lot of people know what it is but are scared to speak up.”

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Madison County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the death and mutilation of cattle along TX-OSR. Ranchers advised a...

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