Here’s the problem with meal planning -- and why many fail

HOUSTON – Planning, cooking and storing meals for an easy, healthy week is a great idea -- except for one big problem.

“When you’re on autopilot because you live a busy life, it’s easy to eat the same things,” said registered dietician with Advice for Eating, Catherine Kruppa. “It is really important to have a variety of foods.”

Kruppa said a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables is critical to your health since all kinds of produce provide different benefits.

“Each one of those different colors of produce has different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that fight disease. So if you’re fixing your meal planning for the week and you always put broccoli in it and you never put anything else, well, broccoli is fabulous but you’re only hitting one group,” Kruppa explained.

Her number one tip: Every week at the grocery store, buy something different that you didn’t buy last week.

Kruppa said produce is a good health insurance policy.