‘It’s kind of normal now’: Shooting outside Fort Bend ISD middle school abruptly ends soccer game

FORT BEND, Texas – A shooting outside a Fort Bend Independent School District middle school during a soccer game has parents and students sounding off Friday night.

They say this isn’t even the first time gunfire erupted there, with kids just yards away.

A day later, you could still see broken glass on the ground.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but everyone says the violence is much too close for comfort.

”All these criminals got guns,” said parent Melchor Hernandez, who added that he is fed up.

”These teachers need to start packing some heat with them, start having a gun,” he said.

His daughter plays on the soccer field outside of McAuliffe Middle School in Houston where right in the middle of the game yesterday, gunfire erupted across the street.

McAuliffe Middle School is located in the city of Houston, but is part of FBISD.

”Out of nowhere, some grey truck comes up. Four or five shots,” said 8th grader, Carlos Reyes.

Reyes says it’s happened several times before. ”It’s kind of normal now,” he added.

So this time, he says he wasn’t surprised.  

“Honestly, we just all looked back at the shooting, and then we just kept going,” he said.

The game was canceled shortly after.

Fort Bend ISD released the following statement: ”There were gunshots fired on the street off school property by an individual and the Houston Police Department responded. Out of an abundance of caution, Fort Bend ISD police and the McAuliffe Middle School principal made the quick decision to cancel the soccer game that was in progress. It is unfortunate that some parents experienced property damage but we are extremely grateful no personal injury occurred to our students, parents, or staff.”  

At least four vehicles were struck by bullets said to have been fired at the ground and ricocheted.

Houston police are working to identify whoever pulled the trigger, and why.

The kids on the soccer team say next Wednesday, they plan to pick up where they left off and play that game against Baines Middle School, on their campus.

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