Woman fighting uphill battle to have mold in her Rosenberg apartment complex removed

What was supposed to be a dream come true, turned into a nightmare for Jacqueline Christal.

“I had been looking at this place for years, and it seemed like it was so beautiful and so well-kept,” said Christal.

She’s lived at Fort Bend Gardens Apartments in Rosenberg since August, and she began noticing mold and a foul odor last September.

“I really feel that my apartment can’t be the only one that has this,” she said.

Christal is paraplegic and immunocompromised. A note from her doctor state’s that the mold puts her health at greater risk. She sent the note to her apartment managers.

Her daughter says she has been trying to get her help.

“I’ve contacted everyone that I possibly could,” said her daughter Symra Hurd.

The two say the maintenance man stopped by and cut holes in the wall, but the problem still exists. No one has come to their rescue.

“They are not willing to compensate her in any way. Either she stays here and deals with the mold, or she leaves and finds her own housing, and that’s not fair for her,” Hurd said. “She’s disabled and she has to have special housing.”

To mask the smell, Christal has started boiling Fabulouso on the stovetop, and she stocked up on air fresheners, but she says she is desperate for a real solution to make her dream house a happy home.

“I need help and if there is anything that they can do on their part, which I think it is, you know [they] should help me,” she added.

Fort Bend Gardens Apartments in Rosenberg is managed by Volunteers of America. KPRC 2 reached out to the property manager, but no one has returned our calls.